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Here you will receive ancient wisdom for the modern woman to reclaim the goddess, awaken the priestess, and become the witch within. 



"I am ancient, much older than God. I am the celestial alchemy of the night sky, the sacred fires of passion and the awakened soul. I am the essence of power, the voice of intuition and the wisdom of the earth. I am the stillness of the mind, the abundance of the ocean and all that is re-membered with love. You are these things too, for that is how I made you." ~ from my book, You are Woman, You Are Divine 

Today, many women are feeling the call of something that they cannot name, cannot identify and cannot seem to find in the modern world. This call carries with it a feeling of longing and a hint of something wild, primitive, deep, untamed and very, very female.

This call is the first step to reclaiming your sacredness, awakening your devotion, and becoming the magic that you seek. This call is leading you home to yourself, back to your feminine power, and to the knowing that you are she; the goddess, the priestess, and the witch.

Join me for three powerful nights just outside Salem, MA during the waning, dark and new moons to reclaim the ancient ways, remembering your soul’s lineage, and calling forth the sacred teachings, and divine ways of being female. Come; learn of your deep, sacred, and feminine connection to the moon, and the wisdom of her light.

Call forth The Goddess while in sacred circle, and invoke the power of The Priestess, as you cast the magic of The Witch. Once you reclaim, awaken, and become these powerful, and sacred archetypes, you will begin to know yourself as them, and you will be forever changed—in the most wonderful of ways.

The timing of our event could not be more magical, nor more potent, for we will meet during the waning crescent moon, the dark moon, and the new moon, which together create a portal that allows for travel between the worlds, between light, and dark, and makes way for the deeper, more inner work to take place, and an opportunity to perform the most powerful ritual, and cast the most potent magic.

In addition to this lunar convergence, the end of October is when the veils between the worlds become thin, offering us an opportunity to walk between them. A precious, and sacred time to honor the ancestors, and the feminine, ancestral ways of the reclaimed Goddess, and the awakened priestess...and to fearlessly, and openly become the witch. 

This time of year is deeply connected to the feminine mysteries, the cycle of birth-death-rebirth, and the wild, primal, feminine energy that has been dormant within us for too long. From October 20, until November 3, it is a time associated with decreasing light of the moon, as we let die that which no longer serves us, and also the increasing light of the new moon, so that we may allow for what is ready to be born into our lives to come forth.


"When a group of women come together in the shape of the moon, sun or the earth—a mighty power is raised. It is one that deeply reveals The Goddess as wholeness, community, inclusivity and togetherness. The feeling that comes over you is inexplicable when partaking in ritual while in a Goddess Circle. You feel an excitement comparable to an energetic charge, a flow of electricity. It is full of expectancy and anticipation. While in a circle, I have often thought these words: She is here."  From my book, 'You are Woman, You Are Divine' 

The Goddess is the circle, the spiral, the heart, blood, breath, the yoni, the earth, the stars, the moon, the sun, animals, rocks, minerals, crystals, shells, rain, snow, mist, fog and everything else that life is. 

We come from Her divine body, and are born from Her cosmic womb. When invoking Her, one calls in the directions, casts a circle in the shape of the moon, gives offerings of smoke and scent, flowers and crystals, prayers, tears, and laughter, and anoints the body with aromatic oils, all while honoring the sacredness of Her vision of this life for us. She is the great Mother, The Cosmic Mother, The Mother to all living things, all living beings. Ritual in Her name is a reverent act, a holy devotion of, and to life.

Together we'll cast our sacred moon circle in Her name, burn handcrafted incense made especially for these phases of the moon, anoint with precious, aromatic oils, and perform the rituals, ceremonies, and crafts to reclaim, awaken, and become The Goddess, the Priestess, and the Witch. 


The beat of the drum will carry our spirit deep down into the lower world to meet with The Goddess, the priestess, and the witch - as well with the animal spirits, and it will also bring us back here, to this middle world, once the journey has completed.

A shamanic journey, or meditation is one that has the intention of traveling to the realms beyond, most often to retrieve messages, guidance or insights. A shamanic journey always begins with an intention—we do not travel aimlessly into the worlds beyond this one, as it I considered disrespectful to the helpful spirits that reside there. We'll set our intentions for our journeys during our ritual, and ceremony.


During our time together, we will craft a special crescent moon goddess amulet vial, a bottle of priestess dark moon water, and a witch's new moon potion.  

An amulet is an object designed to protect, bless or assist the user. Unlike a talisman - which is traditionally used only for protection, an amulet can be assigned any intention at all. 

A potion is like a liquid spell, and can be made with any kind of edible plant, or other ingredient, along with a 'menstruum' or extracting agent such as alcohol, water, vinegar, or vegetable glycerine, to create an alchemical reaction that will draw the power, and essence of the plant into the liquid. We will be using alcohol (vodka & dark rum) as our menstruum, and vinegar will be on hand for those who prefer not to work with alcohol.

Water is extremely impressionable to vibration, and subtle energies - such as moonlight (or moon darkness), and when these subtle energies are directed into it, they become absorbed, and one is able to drink, or use the water for blessing, healing, journeying, meditation, and more.  


Handcrafted incense, anointing oils, sacred soaks, ritual tools, and other sacred items will be available for purchase before and after the event. Credit/Debit card only, no cash please.



October 18, 2017

The Waning Moon in Libra

A time of balancing the light, and the dark within, we prepare for the journey into the darkness of the moon, the underworld, and the realm of the subconscious. This is a shamanic time of in-between, when the veil between realms is thinning, and the goddess within begins her descent into darkness to reclaim your wild, feminine power. 

  • 6:30 Arrival
  • 7:00 Casting of the Moon Circle
  • 7:30 Reclaiming The Goddess Ritual, Shamanic Journey, & Craft
  • 9:30 Closing of the Moon Circle


October 19, 2017

The Dark Moon in Libra

A time of lunar darkness, when we journey deep into the underworld, and into the realm of the subconscious. A mystical time of prayer, stillness, mystery, and shadow when the veil between realms has thinned, and the priestess within is awakened by the call of the moon upon your body, and your blood. 

  • 6:30 Arrival
  • 7:00 Casting of the Moon Circle
  • 7:30 Awakening The Priestess Ritual, Shamanic Journey, & Craft
  • 9:30 Closing of the Moon Circle


October 20, 2017

New moon in Scorpio

A time of emergence, and increasing power when we leave the dark realms of mystery, and stillness to seek the light, and our truth. Your wild power is reclaimed, and your lunar blood has awakened, you become who you truly are; fearlessly, and powerfully as the veil - and your magic are called forth by the witch within. 

  • 6:30 Arrival
  • 7:00 Casting of the Moon Circle
  • 7:30 Becoming The Witch Ritual, Shamanic Journey, & Craft
  • 9:30 Closing of the Moon Circle


Zuzu's Healing Arts
122 West Emerson
Melrose, MA 02176

* venue is approximately 30 minutes from Salem, MA





PLEASE NOTE: the date that you start your payments is the same date that future payments will be charged.


  • Workshop tuition does not include airfare, transportation, meals, or lodging.
  • While we do ask that you plan to arrive on time, or just a bit earlier that the start time so that you can get settled, workshop activity schedule, and ending times are listed, but not set in stone. Please allow for the natural flow of things, as we may stay in one activity longer, causing us to go a bit over the end time. 
  • Due to the nature of the ceremonies, meditation, and rituals, late arrivals will be asked to wait until they are over to enter. 


  • Deposit is not refundable.
  • Payments made before September 1, 2017 are partially refundable: total paid will be refunded, minus $100.
  • Refund must be requested by August 31, 2017.
  • Payments made after September 1, 2017 are not refundable.


  • In the unlikely event that this workshop is canceled, you will receive a full refund of all monies paid, including your deposit.
  • Please note that should this event be canceled, the presenter, and venue are not responsible for your purchase of airfare, transportation, or other expenses related to this offering.  
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