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Here you will receive ancient wisdom for the modern woman to reclaim the goddess, awaken the priestess, and become the witch within. 

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winter solstice give-away; the magicK within

presented by Morgan Moss of Inked Goddess Creations & Renée Starr of Goddess Priestess Witch

Spell Magick Kit from Morgan Moss

All the tools you will need to make your own magick:

  • Selenite Unicorn Horn Spiral Tower for energy amplification

  • Transcendence Sage Wand- A blend of sage, cedar, frankincense and cloves to help contact your higher self

  • Witch's Alphabet Book of Shadows Page

  • 5 Handmade Paper Sheets, 5"x7", infused with cornflower and calendula flowers to enhance psychic intuition as you write your spells

  • Spellcrafting Correspondences Card, 5"x7" for easy reference when writing your spells

  • Celestial Wax Stamp to seal your spells and intentions

  • 15 ml Jar of Silver Wax to use with your Wax Stamp

  • Small Wax Spoon + instructions on how to use your wax seal stamp kit

  • 3 Power Votives in Dragon's Blood, Sandalwood and Patchouli blend to help raise your magickal energy

  • 1/3 oz Wishes Spell Oil to help send your intentions into the world

Spellcraft eCourse from Renée Starr

The practice of spellcraft is ancient, sacred and powerful. It is an art that once mastered, can help you to create the life that you wish to live in the most magical, blissful, and graceful way.  A spell is usually written, but it can also be something that is said aloud with intention, such as when you say ‘And, so it is’, and it can be both written, and spoken aloud for even more power. 

For a spell to be successful, it requires a very strong, clear feeling of what you wish to happen, an object to focus your feeling on, such as a candle, crystal, or the objective itself, the empowerment of the spell, which is the energy that you will be gathering towards you, through you, and into the spell, a ritual - simple, or elaborate, that you will perform to gather energy, and finally the release, and surrender of all this to the Universe. 

I have been practicing magic for many years, and will share with you all that I have come to understand about the inner workings of simple, natural magic that will not only support your spellcraft in a very special, and unique way, but will also help you to cast spells that come from confidence, power, and love, rather than fear, doubt, and worry. 

Read more about the course HERE.

Eco Heart Oracle Deck from Ingrid Koivukangas

A 48 card oracle deck created by Ingrid Koivukangas, an environmental artist who works intuitively with site energies, dreams and deep meditations to create art that reconnects people back to the Earth and Nature. The cards come directly from her experiences working at sites and have been in progress for over 15 years.

The intention in creating the cards is to bring forward messages from nature spirits and animal and plant messengers – and through the process to bring users a new awareness, and understanding of, their connections to nature and the unseen animal and spirit worlds.

The deck includes 48 full colour cards, a guidebook and box. The guidebook includes mythological and symbolic meanings for each subject plus messages received during deep meditations for each individual card.

Choose to use the Oracle for a one card reading for daily guidance or to access a quick answer to your question. You can also use the Oracle for a more in-depth reading using one of the suggested methods in the guidebook.

Tarot Reading from Nadia Shajari

Ask Nadia a question - the more specific the question, the more specific of a reading you will receive, and trust that the most important information you need to know at this time will show up. From your question, she will choose the best layout of the cards, and then connect to your eneryg, and channeling the messages meant just for you. You will receive your messages in a document via email for you to read and keep! 

Mala Bead Necklace from Rebecca Lovell

This lapis lazuli mala bead necklace features 108 hand-cut rectangular lapis lazuli beads, and has 4 accent lava stone beads.  Along with the tassel, there is a wing pendant and a quartz point.  It has a lobster-claw closure, so the mala can also be wrapped around the wrist as a bracelet.  I chanted the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum while tying the knots on this mala.  To me, this mala represents intuition and angelic connection.  It will come lovingly wrapped in a beautiful red silk drawstring pouch.

Lunar Lovelies eCourse from Sarah Leonard

A lovely 8-part arty eCourse to explore the phases of the moon as you to set intentions and create gorgeous art with step-by-step instructions for each phase.

Astrology Report from Jenn Bradshaw

A 60 Minute recorded astrology reading with access to Jenn’s private network; The Sacred Collective for follow up support during the Winter Solstice.

Astrology Report from Kathy Crabbe

An Astrological Report is like a blueprint of your soul and a way for you to tap into your inner psyche so that you can understand yourself and others better. It is your personal connection with the heavens, the celestial bodies, the stars and the universe. All major cosmic events are interactive; they represent an activity taking place both within us and within our planetary consciousness and these cosmic patterns can help us shed light upon our everyday life.

What you will receive:

  • A 25-30 page computer generated astrology report (pdf) emailed to you within 3-5 days. Includes a beautifully illustrated cover page created by Kathy.*A great way to introduce yourself to astrology and makes a great gift too!

  • Your astrological birth chart wheel (in color).

  • Email support and follow-up.

  • Links to websites that will help you understand and interpret the symbols and language of your birth chart wheel.

  • A Bonus 16 page intuitive, spiritual Natal Chart Astrology Report discussing areas of heightened activity, the planets, your ascendant, and the moon’s nodes.

Your report will explore:

  • Your planets and their aspects.

  • Transits - a close up look at your current situation and the year ahead.

  • Your 'burn rate' - do you run hot and fast, low or in-between.

  • Your chart pattern and soul type.

  • Elemental balance - a general picture of you as a person.

  • Challenges and abilities